Interview: Author David Abrams discusses his Forthcoming Novel, “Fobbit”

Image Credit  Lisa Wareham Photography

David Abrams, *Photo credits Lisa Wareham Photography

This Friday, published an interview I conducted with author David Abrams about his forthcoming novel, Fobbit, an Iraq War Comedy.

Also, David Abrams released news about a review in Publishers Weekly on his personal blog, The Quivering Pen.

Publishers Weekly believes it will be, “An instant classic,” and I believe the same. The short fiction I read by David Abrams in the lead up to the interview left me excited to read his novel.

One story in particular, Joyride, which appeared in The Literarian, is brilliant. Its vivid storytelling and acuteness of language left me feeling deeply connected to the characters in the story.

As you can see, Fobbit is becoming a highly anticipated novel, one that will be of great importance for anyone interested in the Iraq war. Fobbit hits shelves in September 2012 from Grove/Atlantic Press. I’ll be pre-ordering my copy soon. If you’d like to do the same, you can Pre-order Fobbit at Amazon books. It’s also available for the Kindle.

You can read my interview with David Abrams, “Comedy, the Iraq War, and Finding Your Golden Sentence” at via the Studio 602 Blog.

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