Asymmetric Poetics

Changing the name of a blog may seem like a bad idea to some, but I’m doing this for very sound reasons.

The name I’ve chosen for this blog, as I’m sure you’re curious about, is a phrase, a fragment of creativity that’s been stuck in my mind for a while. I’m borrowing a term common to the Iraq war, “Asymmetric Warfare,” and juxtaposing this phrase and “Poetics,” to bring two dissimilar things into a linguistic union.

Why the change?

First, I’m no longer in school, and have graduated from the university where  I began my transition back into civilian life. My original intent was to talk about what it’s like as a veteran returning back to school after serving in the Iraq War. I’m now on the other side of a new journey. Getting back to work and finding  my place in the world again, hopefully working at a job I’ll be content with devoting my life to.

Secondly, I’d like to bring the content of this blog full circle. Why I began writing in the first place.

Writing has been a life-sustaining activity that I can’t imagine walking away from. I’ve met so many people over the last few years, written with them, shared my belief that writing is a source of healing, and found myself learning more from teaching writing and life than I’d ever expected.

The Veterans Writing Circle at Pacific is still in operation and being facilitated by myself, and I hope that it will continue for years to come.

Hopefully, by refocusing the scope of this blog, the discussion of war literature can become the main subject of my future posts. In addition, I’ll still offer my unsolicited observations on war and my own experiences in Iraq. Even though the war there is presumably behind us, the After-War, or the war that lingers long after our soldiers return home, continues each day.


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