Great News! Yellow Ribbon Program is adopted at The University of the Pacific.

I apologize for disappearing for awhile, but the last week of school was killer, and I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of putting in more hours at work. Now that I’ve attempted to explain myself, let me share some great news with you about the Yellow Ribbon Program.

The University of the Pacific’s application for the Yellow Ribbon Program has officially been accepted, read more here. This has been the best news I’ve had all year, and many people on campus are glad to finally see this day come. If you are a veteran living in Stockton or the Northern California area, there is a place for you at Pacific.

I am pleased to see the university shift it’s focus from the traditional 18-25 crowd to respond to the influx of veterans returning from service, overseas and at home, and to see that their survivors also will now have new opportunities in the Central Valley’s best private institution.

Thank you all who have been a part of this endeavor. You know who you are.

As a closing remark, I will be working on two projects over the summer. One is my new website, which will feature my work in Poetry. You will be able to read my work, find out where and when I will be giving readings, and also learn a little about my overall journey as a writer.

The second project, still in its beginning stages, will be a free writing workshop for veterans and their families at the University of the Pacific, which I will be teaching. The workshop will be meant as a way to put down on paper the struggles of families and veterans, specifically associated with the trauma of war and loss. It is meant to be an opportunity to deal with trauma creatively. I also hope that people will share their stories, as a have begun to share my own. Stand by for more to come on these and other new developments.

Thank you for reading,

Victor Inzunza


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